Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Snakecrotch sent me this photo about a month ago and I'm not sure of its significance I must say that I do love popcorn, public transit and South Dakota girls.

I've ridden my little bicycles about 3000 miles and if you consider I rode 49 miles in January then it's not all that bad.

I got laid off on March 2, 2009. President Obama took office that January so he's to blame. At least that's what that shitbag Sean Hannity would suggest. I will be voting for President Obama when he runs for re-election. No wait, let's elect the black guy when the economy is really in the shitter. He should have been out there with Biden to cap that oil well.

If you ever disagree with me please do not hesitate to contact Scanny. He runs the complaint department.