Tuesday, March 1, 2011

At 2 million bucks an episode Charlie Sheen can afford to throw this sitcom down the shitteroo. Hopefully, he'll get a raise when they start filming for the next season.

Yeah you're right, spaghetti for lunch does sound good.

Some bitch tried to make a little cutesy joke at DeSean's expense and I slapped her shit out of there. Soon I'll be adopting DeSean and he will be taking ME to the Super Bowl.

Sassy has lived here a year. What a great dog. What's a couch and a couple dozen pairs of shoes amongst friends?

Who the fuck said buttered noodles?

I rode 8 miles in February and I didn't get a harumph out of that guy in the corner.

Actually Red, I could have bought several $1500 Golden Retrievers with the money I pissed away on booze the last 5 years before I quit.

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Red said...

Just noticed the "comments" link which is probably bad for you. What does a $1,500 dog eat? Grammy's pot pie might not be good enough...