Monday, March 21, 2011

The great Miss Debbie rode her bike to work today for the first time since November 19, 2010, and I bow my head at her greatness. I am lucky to provide escort service for her.

My basketball board took a beating and if you've got VCU going to the regional then I'm happy for you. My smart guy pick was for Florida State to beat Notre Dame and now I'm all out of lucky picks.

I have been issued a shopping list and money for the grocery store with instructions to not fuck it up.

What she could have said was: Eat that leftover pork chop and it'll be your ass.

Jeez Red, I thought you walked to class without me. That kind of rejection would scar me for life.

Get over yourself and admit that riding a bike in the winter in Minnesota takes a hearty person who just happens to have a screw loose.

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Red said...

Nah, Daddy Warbucks was just on a roll. I am, however, going to be playing hookey all next week...