Friday, March 25, 2011

Fridays - Sometimes it's hard to be Meshugge

I'm never prouder of myself than when one of these judgemental motherfuckers labels me as "edgy". I don't have an online persona and then something completely different when you meet me in person. I color outside the f-ing lines. Always have, always will.

Duke's loss to Arizona pretty well killed my hospital board since I had picked them to win it all. If you picked Arizona to get this far then let's get you on KFAN and send Paul Allen back to wherever he came from. It took a spectacular block for them to beat Memphis and a bullshit 5 second call and some questionable play by Texas to win that game.

It's vet day for The Assassin today. Let's hope the vet has the muzzle and his catcher's mask ready since last year she knocked his glasses of a scratched him. Like most parents we can't control our kids but then they never say no and slam their bedroom door in our face.

The Snowy Bear will not be going to the vet. She's 14 and soon to be 15 so we don't need the stress of loading her in the car and the whole vet deal. She used to be my wild child and had to be walked with a training collar. I remember the day I took the training collar off her about 8 years ago and how doing that made me just a little sad.


Bald-n-Surly said...

The last time I took Dexter the Devil Cat in he fought so much when they wanted to give him the shot I had to step in and subdue him. He scared the crap out of the assistant.

All The Way Ray said...

Rather than have some poor girl at Petsmart get scratched we opted to have the vet's assistant trim her nails last year. It took 4 of us to subdue her. Now she's put on about 15 pounds of muscle and I'm only guessing how much fun we'll have today.

andrew rosenberg said...

messhegge; is it a noun or an adverb or proper noun. i never know are there any linguists in the group? the english major is sleeping it off after closing up shop last night.