Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh you bet your sweet ass there's a cake in the oven. Then it cools and then we frost it.

I didn't get the Cub's PA Announcer's job and didn't get an interview either but hell that's not all bad. Having to sit through 81 baseball games that have slowed to a crawl because of all the pitching changes and package and batting glove adjustments. Day games after night games and out well past a decent bed time just wouldn't work.

Our country would be a better place if people would allow enough time to get where they're going and go to bed at a reasonable time. 'Sleep when you're dead' is good in theory but it's basically bullshit in practice.

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moonshiner said...

cake in the oven?, i could give you a recipe for buttercream; egg whites, sugar and 2 lbs butter..... there are a few more details, but that will cost you, i didn't spend 9 months in pastry school to give it away for nothing.