Monday, March 14, 2011

I hope you're filling out an illegal basketball board for the NCAA Tournament even though HR and those pinheads at the TSA will have your ass if they catch you. I get in the pool where Mrs works. It pays out a bundle and Franny and John who run the pool are protected by Tony Soprano.

Duke: They always seem to be right there and their seniors are really good plus those Plumlee brothers can walk and chew gum which is pretty impressive for big white boys.

Kansas: What's not to like about the Morris twins? Bill Self will always be a douche because he abandoned Illinois but that's just sour grapes.

Ohio State: I don't think the Big 10 was all that good this year and the 36 to 33 game between Sconsin and Penn State didn't help the image. Ohio State may get to the Final Four but it may not be a cakewalk to get there.

Pitt: I like Pitt. I always pick Pitt to go really far. Pitt always fucks me. How's that for succinct?

Notre Dame: See Pitt.

Kansas State: I think Frank Martin probably potty trained his children under some sort of duress so I'm sure his players are afraid to fail.

Oakland (from Michigan): I watched Oakland beat South Dakota State in their tournament. Recently, they've removed the bottom from the peach basket in South Dakota. I have a following of three in the Soo Foo so I kid because I care.

Texas: Which Texas team is going to show up? Beats the piss out of me. I do like those Texas uniforms.

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