Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My new handlebars on my Crosscheck are quite comfortable. I shall not be hunched over to ride a bike unless I contort my body to ride my time trial bike from this day forward. Can you see the Assassin inspecting the not UL approved extension cord set up that her Mommy has going for that heater? Sure, burn the house down. See if I give a rusty fuck.

I promise to not run down the best new hipster hangout on my blog any longer.

Sleep patterns are being adjusted to watch basketball until all hours of the night which is 10 pm at our house. I'm following Jay Bilas from ESPN on Twitter and Jay has my head ready to explode with all of his tournament facts.

I'm a pretty sentimental MF but I don't get too nostalgic about my Mother's shitty coffee or her cole slaw that she pureed in the blender. I do smile warmly when I see some guy taking his mother to Wal Mart or Target unless it's the Target on Lake Street where it's every man for himself.


SickBoy said...

The Cub next door is worse.

Snakebite said...

Can you get Folgers at The Cub?