Thursday, March 24, 2011

I bet if you go not too far south of here they have green grass that they're mowing. All in due time homie. All in due time.

We're as excited as hell to watch high school basketball in less than an hour and then NCAA action this evening. Sure Minnesota high school basketball is mostly white guys but hell so is Jimmer Fredette from BYU. BYU would have an even better chance if one of their better guys could have abstained but most times the little head wins out.

I'm trying to subsist on oranges and crackers till this afternoon when Mrs and I will be dining at the new Asian buffet in the prestigious Hi-Lake Shopping Center. Hopefully a nice young Asian man in a shiny suit (from Honk Kong, home of the shiny suit) will seat us near the buffet table to keep us near the action. No squid for you, slappy!

Baseball starts a week from today and unfortunately your hometown Twinkies open on the road at Toronto. I see what you're doing Mr Bud Selig and I don't like it one bit. Maybe in 2012 the Twins can open at home on a balmy 34 degree day.

Obama is my main man but we're on a really slippery slope in Libya. You'll be happy to know I talked to Doc Bolstad at Fort Stewart outside Savannah, Georgia, and he said most soldiers are more concerned with their basketball boards and getting laid than what's happening with Moammar.

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