Friday, March 11, 2011


Mrs out with Old Lady Ann tonight and me out in Richfield. I'm really impressed by the fact that some people don't watch television or is it that they have better things to do than watch television? In a world of self-importance I'm not very important except to my dogs. So how does one pick up Minnesota girls? Do you have to show pictures of deer you've killed or shit you've built in shop class?

You need a paragraph break at this point. Ok, so the main sewer line at your home shouldn't be affected by flooding from snow melt or rain unless you have a shitload of cross connections in your neighborhood. In other words the storm sewer system and sanitary sewer system are separate entities. E-mail me for any further explanation needed.

This just in. Mrs is such a good customer at Christopher and Banks (clothes store, skippy) that they just called her to remind her of an upcoming sale. Why the fuck did I just answer the phone?

I always hated Notre Dame and Digger Phelps when I was growing up but now I'm a bit of an ND fan.

Japan's going to show you how disaster cleanup works when you've got more money than God.

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