Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I go to the Midtown Bike Center operated by Freewheel Bikes every morning for coffee because it's the best place to go for coffee in the morning, afternoon or evening. They serve great coffee and pastries and they don't employ smarmy-fucking-hipsters who treat you like you're lucky to be in their presence. I could go for coffee anywhere but I choose Midtown. Single source organic coffee grown on a shaded hillside and picked by monks!?! Here's some news for you, tough guy. It's a cup of fucking coffee and only Rosenberg can brew a cup of Folgers that you'll think was from a coffee house.


moonshiner said...

it's not folgers, rather 'cafe bustelo' espresso from miami. a technicality perhaps but cheap and good enough for me.

Vito said...

A good cup of Folgers reminds me of home and mornings spent with mom and dad. There are not many people around who can actually make a good cup of Folgers.